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Use Cases

Product Valid Usecase
  • Data Migration Projects: SAP and Oracle Data Migration
  • Setup Migration Projects: Oracle Cloud and Oracle EBS Application Setup or Configuration Migrations. Rollout multiple LE/OU etc.
  • Integration Projects: Enterprise Data Management, Application Integrations, Bigdata connect, IoT Connect and Social Media Connect.
  • Data Quality Projects: SFDC, SAP, Oracle etc. Master data cleansing (Customer, Vendor, Items etc.), Data De-duping, Data Standardization etc.
  • Data Governance Projects: Onboarding of new master data, master data changes and lifecycle management.
  • Data Security and Compliance Projects: Mask the PII Data, GDPR, CCPA, Opt-in/Opt-out, SOX/SOD compliance etc. for all applications and databases.
  • Data Science Projects: Data Cataloging, Metadata management, Data Lineage, Product Profitability, Customers360, Supplier360, Product360, Predictive Analytics etc.
  • Project Management Platform for managing Data Projects


  • Your Data Projects are Served by the Data Experts who are knowledgeable and flexible.
  • ChainSys Smart Data Factory engineers are talented in Technology, and Functional areas of SAP, Oracle, SFDC and others.
  • We have experience of handling over 500+ Data projects. Battle tested process and resources.
  • We use a clean process from Day1, with proper Agile Project Management tools and methodologies.
  • All communications are maintained on the Project Management ITSM Support Portal to ensure Transparent operations.
  • Cost Effective but very efficient model for your Data Projects.
  • We offer Follow the Sun (24 x 7) model for the Smart Data Factory, support coming from our Global Teams in Michigan, USA, Netherlands, Dubai, Chennai, India and Singapore.
  • 100% assured success model for your data projects. We work on Milestone based turnkey projects.
  • Gantt Chart for Project Planning
  • Dashboards for Checking the Project Execution Health - RAG Reporting
Product Benefits


Product Differentiators
  • Inbuilt Project Management Templates for Data Management projects.
  • Proactive Planning and Execution of Data Management projects.
  • Agile/SCRUM Methodology followed for Data Projects.
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reviews of the project to ensure the project always is on the right path.
  • ChainSys Provides you with the Best Product, People and Process under one roof.
  • Flexible Servicing Models. Pay as you see the success model: Milestone based.
  • Highly Scalable
  • 700+ Certified Data Professionals available.
  • 24 x 7 working model. Data Projects do not take rest.
  • Ease of use
  • Global Team: Supporting and exceeding your expectations.