CFO’s Problem Solved on Data Quality. Complex Master Data Governance Solution with Salesforce and Oracle

Engineering and Construction

Client Overview

Client is an engineering and construction firm, providing legendary client service and smart and fully-integrated provider of technology, engineering and construction solutions to the water, environment, transportation, energy and facilities.  Its proprietary technologies, integrated expertise and comprehensive solutions deliver certainty, innovation and added value to global projects around the world. 

Client implemented Oracle ERP and engaged ChainSys as its data migration and master data quality (DQM) partner utilizing the Chainsys Data Zap and DataZen offering.

Project Scope

As part of the Oracle EBS 12.2.x deployment, Client needed data migration from legacy systems for ~75 objects that were primarily loaded to the following tracks – Finance, Projects, Procurement, Inventory & Payable Systems. The key challenge was around multiple source systems and existence of duplicate and incorrect master data as well as the need stay clean process after implementation. This was accomplished through the tool that offered automation capability for extraction, and master data cleansing, enrichment and deduping.

Business Situation

Client’s CRM system and multiple legacy ERP systems enter and maintain customer data independently.   This process created a lot of duplicate customers and customer accounts in various systems and created a very difficult situation to consolidate and report proper spend and income analysis.   Data quality is also another concern between various systems.

Technical Situation

ChainSys deployed appMDM (part of the offering from dataZen). All master data objects were directly extracted from multiple legacy systems via templates into a data hub. The extracted master data was cleansed using appMDM with built-in automation for data deduping and data cleansing. Master data was enriched using D&B data services before migrating to target EBS 12.2.x. This expedited stay clean solution implementation post go live.


ChainSys deployed its dataZap (appMIGRATE) and dataZen (AppMDM) product for building a solution to integrate SFDC Application to Oracle ERP through dataZen (appMDM). The data was cleaned prior to the migration using the ChainSys dataZen (appMDM).

  • Customer data from all legacy systems and SFDC extracted. 
  • Customer profiling and data quality check done using dataZen.
  • Eliminated duplicates from transaction systems before converting them to the new ORACLE ERP system. 
  • Build proper cross references between existing SFDC client data to Consolidated clean customer record in dataZen. 
  • Build customization in SFDC to query master data directly from dataZen to show proper matches before creating any new client record.
  • Workflow based customer confidence check using D&B Services.
  • Automated data enrichment based on D&B Services. 
  • Master data governance and approval process built in dataZen. 
  • Integrated approved customer data into both SFDC and Oracle ERP and build proper cross reference of customer and client to build quality in transactions integrations.



  • Clean Master data resulted in Operational excellence.
  • Global Master data hub for customer data including cross references with multiple systems will allow global integrations to work seamlessly.
  • Real time integrations with external services (D&B) will allow custodians to run the highest quality master data.  
  • 100% quality increase in transaction data and transactional data integration between various systems. 
  • Consolidated client / customer reports were more accurate.

The key to success was the ability to “GET CLEAN AND STAY CLEAN”.  Cleansing data from multiple source systems as per client’s needs and the build proper master data governance using workflows.

Products and Services Used

dataZap - Pre-Configured Templates & Migration Engine to Extract, Transform, Pre-Validate, Load, Reconcile & Report.

dataZen - To 'Get Clean' and 'Stay Clean', and Introduce Master Data Governance.


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