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Save Over 50% Time and Cost in Your SAP S/4HANA Data Migration

January 12, 2023

Determine the readiness of your current ECC or non-SAP application with a simple data assessment. Different approaches based on the source application, considering legacy application customizations and dependent custom reports.

Priyar Sundaramoorthy

Solution Architect - SAP Practice

SmartBOTS R21.Q3 Product Release Webinar

September 21, 2021

Smart BOTS is a cloud based automation tool set used for Business Processes, Mass Data Loads, and Quality Assurance. If you want to learn more about Smart BOTS, this is the perfect place for you. Smart BOTS is a helpful cloud-based toolset focused on automation for your business processes. Whether you want help with mass data loads or quality assurance, Smart BOTS is there for you. This webinar goes through the basics of Smart BOTS, like grid configuration and execution, as well as helpful information on data migration reports and consolidated log reports.



dataZen R21.Q3 Product Release Webinar

September 15, 2021

dataZen provides the necessary governance and ensures business discipline. When you’re considering dataZen, you should know all the great features it offers! We understand your concerns about data quality and consistency. This data governance webinar will address those concerns while showing you the many functionalities of dataZen. To learn more about this configurable and agile product, watch this video.



dataZap R21.Q3 Product Release Webinar

September 14, 2021

If you're in the middle of a digital transformation, here's why dataZap would be of help. Data transformations require you to be fast on your feet, so watch this video to learn how dataZap helps keep your company nimble and mobile. In this webinar, we’ll look into navigation breadcrumbs and data exchange, and we’ll also look at the Workbench’s new UI. Join us on a digital transformation journey!



Change the way you think about Data – Detailed discussion on Data Catalog, Data compliance, and Security.

January 30, 2021

This webinar on data protection is sure to help you put your worries at ease regarding data security in the modern age.

Samir Mehta

Chief Data Officer
Digital Transformations

Change the way you think about Data - Introducing the Smart Data Platform

January 5, 2021

Enterprise data management

Samir Mehta

Chief Data Officer
Digital Transformations