Complex Reconciliation Dashboards for a Successful Digital Transformation

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Client Overview

Over a period of 25 years, The Client has gone from strength to strength and has achieved a turnover of INR 9000+ crore and ranks as India’s No. 1 broiler producer. Along the way, the Client's pioneering efforts in contract farming helped create thousands of rural entrepreneurs who share the growth successfully. These rural entrepreneurs make a significant contribution to the growth of rural GDP across India. "Poultry Integration" introduced and pioneered by the Client in the country has energized the livelihoods of farmers in rural India.

  •  Industries: Broiler Producers.
  •  Revenue: USD 1.1 Billion.
  •  Employees: 15000 +.

Project Scope

To take advantage of Upgraded features of new Oracle EBS R12.2.8 version Functionalities & Benefits. Hive Off historical transactional data due to technological considerations. To Address ever expanding growth of Business.

Business Situation

6 Business Group, 6 Legally Registered Entities, 6 General Ledgers, 48 Operating Units, 1450 + Inventory Orgs, 3500 + Sub Inventories, No of Modules Implemented: 22.

The Client's 90% of Production Operations runs by Process manufacturing and remaining with Other Supply Chain functions. Modules like Purchasing, Inventory, Quality, Order Management, Advance Pricing, Process & Discrete Manufacturing, OPM Financials, Formulator, EAM, Payable, Receivables, Cash management, AGIS, Projects, Fixed Assets, GL, HRMS, I Expenses & Payroll used in day in and out operations of the Client's Poultry Business.

Technical Situation

Project Duration: 6 Months, Oracle End to End Data Migrations, 5 Million Master Data, 5.5 Million Open Transactions, 250 FSG Reports, Automated Reconciliation Dashboards on Setups & Master Data Migrations, 3 Iterations (CRP, UAT & Prod).

The Client has been using Oracle EBS more than a decade and has accumulated historical data closed to 12TB. Due to this the current environment is not flexible for business support. Due to huge data volumes, storage & other infra related constraints causing maximum downtime for patch applications and other DB related activities this in turn affects business transactions whenever downtime activities are getting performed.


To avoid the huge timelines required for re-implementation of all 22 modules, Chain-Sys has leveraged its proprietary data migration tools (DataZap) Chain-Sys solutions are based out of Data Conversion approach using @ DataZap platform helped with certified consultants easily mapped Oracle EBS R12.1.3 (Source)  with New R12.2.8 (Target) applications with industries best-practice of data conversion & transformations flows, also by dramatically. DataZense were used to perform reconciliation dashboards to ensure the integrity of the data after ETL process had been done.



DataZense enables us to reduce what was once a painful and lengthy process down to a few hours (or minutes!). Simply put, our automated platform will drastically change the organization's approach to reconciling benefits - in a good way.

 Our platform will carry out a trends analysis on your data to compare your deductions against carrier invoices. In short, this will allow you to make insightful and reliable conclusions about whether your current process is improving or not.

Running a single clean-up of your data to check for initial discrepancies in your information is fine, but ideally, you’ll ensure that this becomes an integral part of your reconciliation strategy.

Products and Services Used

dataZap - Pre-Configured Templates & Migration Engine to Extract, Transform, Pre-Validate, Load, Reconcile & Report.

dataZen - To 'Get Clean' and 'Stay Clean', and Introduce Master Data Governance.

dataZense - To Visualize, Analyze, Catalog and Scramble Data for Effective Decision Making & Security.


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