Reconciliations Dashboards for a Complex Data Migration Project from Oracle to SAP

Industrial Manufacturing

Client Overview

A German multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Munich and is the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe with branch offices abroad.

The principal divisions of the company are Industry, Energy, Healthcare, and Infrastructure & Cities, which represent the main activities of the company. The company is a prominent maker of medical diagnostics equipment and its medical health-care division, which generates about 12 percent of the company's total sales, is its second-most profitable unit, after the industrial automation division. 

Key Facts:

  • Founded in 1847.
  • Operations in Germany, United States,, United Kingdom, Denmark, Japan, China, India, Korea, Taiwan, Philippines and more.
  • Products solutions such as  Power generation technology, industrial and buildings automation, medical technology, railway vehicles, water treatment systems, fire alarms, PLM software

  • Various divisions - Smart Infrastructure, Power and Gas, Digital Industries, Healthineers, Siemens Mobility, Siemens Gamesa, IoT Services, Next 47, Siemens Financial Services

  • Develops World first digital microphone supporting ultrasonic bandwidth

Project Scope

Business Situation

The Client has a requirement of migrating their data from oracle ERP to SAP systems. The data migration has to be done and necessary analysis to be performed after the migration, to cross verify the data loss or transformation of data.

Technical Situation

Data growth is rapidly high for every quarter hence database size is getting enlarged. This leads to invest in Hardware upgrades. Need to migrate to data , At the same no business impact comes due to migration activities.


The Data Migration solution proposed was dataZen (a cloud-based Data Analytic solution) that runs on the ChainSys Smart Data Platform. dataZen was responsible for migration of Data. This product comes with various features like data validation and transformation and post reconciliation. Once the data is migrated the role of the dataZense comes into play. This product is responsible for providing statistical analysis of data migrated and failed data. dataZense is based on Web-service based architecture and is fully configurable to suit the business needs. Hence retention policies are quickly implemented in dataZense. This improved the business process and reduced the training needs as the screens can be quickly configured based on the user role.



The implementation of dataZen and dataZense was done in an agile manner with the first round of testing. Agile execution is enabled by the use of templates and a configurable and no programming approach to the solution process. With a minimal footprint and virtual team operation, all the activities are fully automated.

As expected by the Customer the data was migrated and analysis is shown in the form of Dashboards. Business performs this activity for every clone till this is implemented in Production.

Below some Key Benefits.

  • Database size no longer grows uncontrollably
  • System Performance Increases
  • IT Cost Reduction – Expensive Processing / Hardware Upgrades Avoided
  • Reduction timelines for Clone Activity
  • Reduction timelines for application upgrades

Products and Services Used

dataZap - Pre-Configured Templates & Migration Engine to Extract, Transform, Pre-Validate, Load, Reconcile & Report.

dataZen - To 'Get Clean' and 'Stay Clean', and Introduce Master Data Governance.

dataZense - To Visualize, Analyze, Catalog and Scramble Data for Effective Decision Making & Security.


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