Shipping Process and Sales Order Hold Automation

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Client Overview

It is an American based organization which is headquartered in Columbus, OH. It is a provider of equipment and services for datacenters, with a portfolio of power, cooling and IT infrastructure solutions and services that extends from the cloud to the edge of the network. Products manufactured are critical power systems, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, power distribution units (PDUs), thermal management, data center infrastructure management, service and site operations. More than 20000 employees are working around the globe. It has a revenue of 4.4.billion per year.

Project Scope

The shipping process and order hold in Oracle Cloud Applications - Supply Chain Management Cloud should be automated with business rules. In the transaction cycle, you can stop an order or order line, return an order or return an order line from its continuous progress. We can apply the holds either manually or automatically based on the set of criteria we defined like a Credit check is a hold. Individual hold can also be done manually. Based on your business needs, we can define different holds. We can apply the hold at any point in our cycle, either a particular point or applied to a customer. We cannot apply the hold only at the point where the order has been pick released.

Business Situation

As part of Oracle implementation, the customer spent many workforces to perform repetitive manual tasks in the application. In the Shipment process, they created the packing units manually, which was a time-consuming process and needed frequently. In the Sales Order, they were doing the hold process manually. There were a lot of steps like book order, launch pick release, ship confirms, invoice creation, receipt creation, hold the order. They needed to automate these Oracle SCM Cloud processes with less workforce, data accuracy, and less time consumption.

Technical Situation

Clients are using a huge workforce to complete their process. Consumption of time will be high, and work effort will not be accurate as compared to BOTs. They need to repeatedly do the process to load the multiple data for achieving the shipping process. An order may be put on hold at any point of the cycle. It should not be skipped, and the hold can process correctly based on criteria. If it happens wrong, it leads to a big issue in invoice creation or next level processes.


ChainSys came up with a good solution to solve client issues. Smart BOT is one of the best automation tools for Oracle Cloud Applications with its over 1000 ready to use Automation Adapters. Transaction flows can be captured and execute the flow. It will repeatedly do the shipping process or hold an order or any captured flows. Workforce can be reduced tremendously, and transactions can be done in a very short time. Accuracy of the data with all validations can be done. Loader in SmartBots plays a key role in executing the bunch of transactional flows. We have an option for validating the data as well. Playback activities like iteration activity, screenshot activity, conditional activity, assignment activity, assertion activity are used for users to reduce the playback creation time also. These activities will make the playback more effective in automating the shipping and hold process.



Smart BOTS is user friendly, and the user can create the bots themselves with less intervention of chain sys. Less time consumption for execution and creation of data. Very less number of workforce is required. We can get a screenshot of the forms while execution is in progress. Hold order can be done without any fail. Check-in and Check-Out options are used for migrating successful objects into other environments. It also reduces the user time for recreating the same object. We can use playback activities like a conditional activity to set the run-time value at the execution time. The custom expression can also be defined for getting the current HTML page attributes.

Products and Services Used

The shipping and hold process is achieved by Smart BOTS.


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